The Holy Family R.C. Church Mossend  

The stall will be in display in the hall selling Fairtrade products such as Cafedirect (the seventh biggest selling coffee on the market). Fairtrade products guarantee that growers of coffee, beans, coca, tea etc will receive a fair price for their crops. They also pay a 'social premium' which goes to the coffee growers' co-operative to spend on the needs of the community and make credit avaiable for growers.

Buying coffee, tea choclate etc from Fraitrade ensures that the coffee growers are paid a fair price for their products. Non - fairtrade coffee buyers pay such a low price to the growers that in many cases it is less than the coffee to produce.

Fairtrade allows money to be invested in the community on safer water, healthcare facilities etc.


Lent 2009



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