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Today we have the Rev. Fr. Joseph Mc Andrew, S.M.A. as our Lithuanian priest. He first assisted the late Mgr Youzas Gutauskas; in April 1969 when he arrived back in Scotland to take up a new appointment with the S.M.A. Fathers.

On most occasions Fr. Mc Andrew managed to be with the Mgr. Gutauskas at all his services. He succeeded the Mgr. in 1980 when he was forced to retire due to ill- health and old age. At that time there were 680 Lithuanian in the parish. Since the death of Mgr. in April 1983 Fr. Mc Andrew carried on as Chaplain to the community at the request of Bishop A.Deksnys. Unfortunately he did not do it officially so Fr. Mc Andrew was working unofficially until Bishop P Baltakis took over and the Scottish Hierarchy made the appointment official.

Today the Lithuanian Community consists of about 10 Displaced Persons., who came here in 1948-1950. The rest are made up of second and third generation and a few fourth generations.

The St Kazimir Society (The Parish) has only a small percentage of these and only a small percentage are paid up members refer to
(Mr Allan A Poutney Treasurer - Secretary for details)

Holy Mass in the Lithuanian language is said on the first Sunday of each month in the parish of Blessed John Duns Scotus in the Hutchesontown area of Glasgow.




Lent 2009



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