The Holy Family R.C. Church Mossend  

Priests who served the Lithuanian immigrants as the need arose.

1885-1893. Fr. Landsberg and Fr. Hughes, both Jesuits and could speak Lithuanian came up once a month from Liverpool to attend to the spiritual need of the growing community.

1894 - Archbishop Eyre of Glasgow became aware that this was not satisfactory so arranged for a Lithuanian priest to come to the area to serve the now large community of Lithuanians in the GORBALS area. So Fr. Varnagris arrived and resided in ST JOHN, S PARISH in Portugal St Glasgow.

Priests then stayed only a few years at a time.

1902 - Fr. Vaitys:
1903 - Fr. Slamus:
1904 - Fr. Czuberktis:
1905 - Fr. Racewicz;
1910 - Fr Vasilauskas:

Then a Fr. Norburt came and stayed until after the WAR and Lithuanian Independence in 1920, during the war he had an assistant Fr. Sveistiys.

1921 -Saw the arrival of Fr. Joseph Petrauskas who resided in HOLY FAMILY Presbytery until he died in 1934 and was buried in New Stevenston cemetery. He served the community well for 14 years and was loved by all.

Fr. Joseph Gutauskas who lived in Holy Family until 1942 when he moved to St Columbia a new parish built in Maryhill succeeded him in 1934. Remember the whole area was still under Glasgow Archdiocese.

In 1947 Glasgow became a Province having the two new dioceses under her as suffragen sees. Motherwell and Paisley.

So Fr. Gutauskas stayed in Glasgow but served all of Scotland wherever Lithuanians needed him. He was honoured by the Holy Father and made Monsignor he served the community well for 49 years.
In 1947 until 1951 Fr. Dr. Gruonis assisted him as many displaced persons arrived and many worked on the hydroelectric Scheme.

In 1970 he was assisted by Fr. Joseph MeAndrew. Fr. JOE (as he is widely known) took over in 1981 when the Monsignor had to go into a residential home in Cardonald Glasgow. He died there in APRIL 1993.

Fr. Joseph MeAndrew continues to serve the community.Today's Lithuanian community is small and an aged one at that. What are left is divided as a result they are committing voluntary suicide and destroying the CULTURE and TRADITIONS left to us by the early immigrants. Very few contribute to the upkeep of the Chaplain. So we have to ask ourselves" WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE?"

Now that Lithuania is FREE again is there any need for us to keep going? Certainly we have been avalanched with visitors from the old country and they have all been made very welcome.

There should be no reason for the community to die for the lack of support. But the community has to DECIDE!

Will Fr. Joe now be the last?

Will the CLOSING MASS come about like the closing of ST FRANCIS in GLASGOW????

The Answer and Decision is in your hands

And all should give serious thought
and discuss it with your families and friends.

100 years.




Lent 2009



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