The Holy Family R.C. Church Mossend  

Scotland's National Shrine to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The Lithuanian community have a small piece of Scotland to call there own, that is a shrine to (Ausra Vartai) Our Lady Of The Dawn Gate.

A large memorial Cross erected in memory of Mgr. Gutauskas and other deceased clergy who served the community in Scotland and finally a shrine to our Patron Saint Kazimir erected in thanksgiving for the Independence of Lithuania

We realise the Community is getting small. And we hope to carry on as long as we can as our Fr. Mc Andrew health is at times in question Our Community has done well in the last 100 plus years it has been here in Scotland For all the early immigrants who came here in 1868 -1903 have now gone to their reward. During the 100 plus years since the first Priest came from Lithuania we have kept the faith and passed it on to our children.



Lent 2009



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